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Solutions for Business

Every business has valuable information. Backing up that information is the most important thing you can do for your business. Networks are useful, but they take time and effort to set up. That's time and effort you can spend building your business and doing what you're there to do.

Wireless networks are everywhere nowadays, and I can set one up for your staff, or for your customers to use.

The Mac can run Microsoft Office, Quickbooks, POS software and Medical/Dental practice management. The mac mini server is a great way to get a server in your office without taking up a lot of space or money.

A person you can trust to help with your computer and information needs is like having a partner in your business. I offer service contracts and prepaid blocks of time for both the business and home user. The benefits are: being able to budget no matter what size your business, less invoicing and gaining someone you can trust to help when you need it as well as guide you when you need to expand or upgrade in the future. The other benefit? Actually doing your job instead of being the part-time IT person. Contact me and we can get things moving for you.

New to the Mac, iPad or iPhone? Switching from Windows? Just trying to make the most of the Mac, iPhone or iPad you’ve already got?

Whatever the case, welcome. Ease of use, better security and just plain fun make the Mac the finest computing platform going. The iPhone and iPad make the best mobile devices for the same reasons.

I can offer simple instruction on the basics of the Mac, iPhone, and iPad, how to set up your business with Apple technology, backing up your data, or adding a Mac into your existing business or home environment. If you just want to throw an iPad or iPhone into the mix, I can help there too.

Adding an employee who’s never used a Mac? I can teach them how to navigate the Mac and give them a reference from where they’ve been.

Additionally, I can provide instruction in LogicStudio and general support for recording studios and live theatre productions.

Solutions for Home

Need a wireless network? Don't know how to manage your photos/movies/music? Or, are you new to the iPhone and need a hand? Get in touch and I can get you on your way.